Josh A. Young
Software Engineer

Training Classes

In an effort to continually learn new technologies and stay abreast of existing technologies, I have found it helpful to take advantage of opportunities for continuing education. Below I have listed courses(both classroom and online) that I have completed over the years.

Learn Docker

This course walks through learning docker with hands-on exercises. In my experience, this is the most thorough docker course I have found. It covers: Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, etc.

Refactoring Rails

This class is taught by Ben Orenstein. It teaches you technics for keeping Rails organized and improving your code.

Upcase by Thoughtbot

Upcase offers many excellent classes centered around Ruby, Rails, Testing, Vim, and Tmux.

Pragmatic Studio Classes

The Pragmatic Studio offers some excellent classes. The classes are very in depth and thorough.

Transcend Leadership Essentials

This class covered the elements of the DISC personality profile in depth. With the new knowledge that DISC presented, this class elaborated on how to best work with others in the different DISC quadrants.

In addition, other leadership characteristics were covered to equip class participants to best perform their jobs in a professional and respectful manner.

Frontend Masters Classes

The Frontend Master website offers great courses covering front-end topics such as accessibility, performance, JavasScript, etc.

Laracast Courses

Jeffery Way teaches some great courses at this site I have taken two of his courses (listed below).

Wes Bos Classes

Wes Bos delivers some excellent content at his website. His classes have a web front-end focus and include topics such as: React, Redux, JavaScript, and CSS.

Udemy Classes

You have to be selective with some of the classes offered on Udemy; however, sometimes the classes offered are excellent at a reasonable price.

Tree House Classes

I took all of these classes as a part of a short Tree House membership. They were largely review for me, but some of the classes covered technologies that I had not had time to learn yet.

PluralSight Courses

PluralSight also offers some good content. It is not as focused as other platforms such as Code School though. I have taken a few courses from PluralSight which I have listed below.

Code School Classes

The Code School site offers excellent classes. I took some of these as review and many as a way to level up my knowledge.

FedVTE Training

These are free courses offered to government employees by the Department of Homeland Security. I completed the following courses through FedVTE.

Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

I took this class in preparation for Offensive Security's certification exam (OSCP). Unfortunately, I did not pass my first exam attempt and have not had time to re-test. After speaking with a few individuals who passed the exam, it seems that no one passes it on their first attempt anyway. For me it was a great way to learn more about security and many different security techniques that relate to web development. For these reasons, the class time alone was extremely beneficial! Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

In preparation for the Security+ certification, I took this class covering the fundamentals on the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. This class was offered as a night course by the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). University of Alabama in Huntsville

CEH - Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures

In preparation for the CEH certification, I took this class covering the fundamentals of ethical hacking. The training was offered by Dynetics in Huntsville, AL. I do not have a direct link to a description of the training; however, I have included a link to Dynetics below along with more information about the CEH certification. Dynetics About CEH

Unified Threat Management Introduction Course

This class covered setting up a secure pfSense firewall as well as firewall best practices. This class was delivered by SudoSecure.

Linux Administration 310 - Service Configuration, Management and LAMP Servers

This was the third class in the series, and it taught more advanced topics such as the following: sed, awk, syslog, postfix, open source licensing, LAMP servers, etc.

Linux Administration 210 - System and Network Management

This class was a follow-up to the 110 class and went into further detail. It coved topics such as: Linux networking, DNS, RAID, LVM, authentication, scripting, etc.

Linux Administration 110 - System Installation and Configuration

Even though I had taken Linux classes in school, my company offered to send me to this class prior to taking on more Linux system administration duties at work. This class was mostly review for me since I had previous Linux experience and training, but it served as a good review and preparation for the classes that followed. This class went over basic Linux information such as the file system, input, output, process management, etc.

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