Josh A. Young
Software Engineer

My Certifications

Below I have included a list of certifications that I have attained over the past few years. Many of these certs required passing more than one test. I have included a short summary of each certification along with a link to a better explanation of each one. See all of my current CompTIA certs listed here as well.

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ certification addressed many IT security subjects such as: cryptography, network security, compliance, threats, access control, etc. This was a very good introduction to security subjects as they relate to computers and networks.

Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)

The Certified Ethical Hacker certification covered many areas of computer security including: footprinting, scanning, enumeration, penetration testing, SQL injection, etc. By gaining a better understanding of the tactics use by ethical hackers, I acquired valuable information to facilitate building better defenses and more secure web applications.

Zend Certified PHP Engineer (ZCPE)

The Zend Certified PHP Engineer certification required exhaustive knowledge of the PHP language. Many of the areas that were tested included: functions, arrays, object oriented programming, security, strings, program logic, error detection, debugging, etc.

Josh Young - ZCPE

CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA Network+ certification required knowledge in many network related areas. Here are a few of the subjects covered: routing, network topologies, virtualization, network segmentation, switch port security, user authentication, firewalls, network access control, etc.

CIW Web Development Professional

The CIW Web Development Professional certification was awarded as a result of achieving the following certifications: CIW JavaScript Specialist, CIW Perl Specialist, and CIW Database Design Specialist.

CIW Database Design Specialist

The CIW Database Design Specialist certification covered many areas of database design and optimization including: planning, relational algebra, design methodology, normalization, Structured Query Language (SQL), database security, etc.

CIW Perl Specialist

The CIW Perl Specialist certification required knowledge in the following areas of the Perl language: loops, regular expressions, the interpreter, hashes, subroutines, reading/writing data, modules, object oriented programming techniques, database interaction, debugging, etc.

CIW JavaScript Specialist

The CIW JavaScript Specialist certification covered the JavaScript language including topics such as: program flow, debugging, validation, DOM manipulation, libraries, AJAX, JavaScript security, libraries, etc.

CompTIA Linux+

The CompTIA Linux+ certification required a very thorough knowledge of Linux. Here are just a few of the knowledge areas: file systems, run levels, package management, file management, process manipulation, command line regular expressions, scripting, security, shells, network configuration, and scheduled task configuration.

SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 11

This SUSE cert was attained through passing a Linux exam. This certification validates my skill for SUSE Linux 11.


The LPIC-1 certification was all about Linux fundamentals. It covered many Linux areas including: symbolic links, permissions, disk management, file system integrity, process execution, GNU commands, libraries, boot loader configuration, etc.

About LPIC Certification

CompTIA A+

The CompTIA A+ certification required knowledge in many areas of computer hardware including: BIOS configuration, motherboards, RAM, installation and configuration of computers and peripherals, network cable types, TCP/IP, TCP/UDP ports, networking tools, and troubleshooting.
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